Cara Lox: The Demon Kiss Part 2

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Cara Lox: The Demon’s Kiss Part 2

It's a quiet night at the Lox estate. Cara Lox, international explorer and thrill seeker, takes time to plan out her next adventure. Keeping watch as always is her trusted companion, Rex, the German Shepherd.

But not everything is what they appear to be. Little does Cara know is that the sex starved succubus that she captured on an earlier escapade has escaped her prison and is out for revenge.

Rex feels that something is off in the library and goes to investigate, however he loses the scent. Cara assures him that nothing is there and then leaves to retire to her bedroom.

What Cara doesn’t know is that the succubus has plans for Rex and Cara too!

Just as Cara is about to have some solo fun, she finds Rex has snuck into her room and is behaving strangely. She tries to shoo him out, only to find him highly aggressive in the sexual manner!. 

Rex appears to have other things on his mind and he intends to see them through. Cara is hapless to stop him as he has his way with her over and over again! 

Will Cara succumb to Rex’s canine carnal desires? Will she have to spend the night as his new bitch? Where is the succubus? Find out in this taboo filled titillating tale! 

“Cara Lox: The Demon Kiss Part 2” is the next exciting adventure of fan favorite Cara Lox! Featuring over 90 panels of hardcore taboo action too hot for the mainstraem 3DX stores. This comic contains material  and subject matter that some may find offensive and should be purchased with extreme caution! Definitely not for the faint of heart.

  • 1 90 page PDF Comic

  • Size
    23.9 MB
  • Length
    90 pages
  • 1 90 page PDF Comic
  • Size23.9 MB
  • Length90 pages
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Cara Lox: The Demon Kiss Part 2

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